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The Hidden Costs of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer NYC

The law firm of Traffic Lawyer NYC helps individuals fight their traffic tickets and avoid the financial costs, points on the driver’s license record, insurance rate increases, and even potential loss of driving privileges that result from a conviction. Most New York drivers consider paying their tickets whether they believe them to be justified or not, but doing so is akin to admitting guilt and comes with many hidden fees and consequences that most drivers don’t anticipate.

The cost of hiring a traffic attorney can vary significantly depending on the severity of your violation, your location, and how long the lawyer expects to spend on your case. The attorney’s fees will also depend on their experience level and ratings, which can be assessed by looking at client reviews and testimonials on their website.

For a simple speeding ticket in NYC, the average fee is $500. For more serious violations and those with a negative driving record, the costs can be much higher.

Traffic Lawyer NYC offers a free consultation to assess your case and provide a recommendation on how to proceed. The attorneys are highly qualified and experienced with over 30 years of trial experience representing clients in traffic and criminal matters in New York City and across the state. The law firm is certified by Lead Counsel and has been independently verified as a highly-rated, top-rated lawyer.

There are several different ways to challenge a traffic ticket in New York. The most common is to plead not guilty and request a hearing by the deadline in the court’s notification letter. This can be done either online or by mail. You will need to explain why you want to contest the ticket and submit supporting evidence. Ultimately, the judge will make a decision.

Other strategies include arguing that the violation was justified due to circumstances, such as speeding to reach a hospital for a medical emergency or exceeding the speed limit because it was necessary to get to work on time. While these defenses can be effective, they are often difficult to prove and require the support of a traffic lawyer NYC with the right experience.

For some individuals, losing their driving privileges for a traffic infraction can be devastating, especially if they rely on their driving ability to earn a living. This is true for taxi and Uber drivers, as well as those who drive trucks for a living. In the end, a traffic ticket in New York can have a significant impact on your life and livelihood. The team at NY Traffic Firm can help you decide if fighting your ticket is the best option for you and your family. To learn more about how the firm can help you, contact them now. You can also schedule a free case evaluation online.

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