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The Importance of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re facing charges that could result in a long jail or prison sentence, expensive fines, and a criminal record that can damage your professional and personal life, then it’s important to seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney Bingham County Idaho. At the Cutler Law Office, our Idaho Falls criminal lawyers provide a powerful, effective defense to those charged with traffic offenses, theft crimes, drug crimes, domestic violence, and other misdemeanor or felony offenses.

A Bingham County DUI defense lawyer can help you get your charges reduced or even dismissed, especially if it’s your first time being arrested for DUI. Getting convicted for DUI in Idaho can be very costly and have severe consequences on your career and reputation. We can fight to protect your rights and freedoms, and we will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

The Bingham County Prosecutor’s Office works closely with local police departments, including the Blackfoot City Police Department, and with state agencies, such as the Idaho State Police, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. It also provides a variety of civil services, such as processing child support and spousal support payments, as well as guardianships and conservatorships, and probate for indigent persons.

In addition to handling a wide range of both civil and criminal cases, the Bingham County Prosecutor’s office is a leader in addressing legal issues that are unique to Idaho, such as environmental concerns and tribal sovereignty. It is also the lead agency in conducting investigations of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, as well as for ensuring that children are safe in our community.

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State of Idaho and represents the state in both civil and criminal cases. The office is responsible for enforcing laws and prosecuting crimes committed by state officials and employees. The Attorney General also provides legal advice and opinions to various state agencies and officials.

For those who have been slapped with drunk driving charges, it’s essential to hire an experienced Bingham County DUI attorney immediately. A conviction for DUI will not only ruin your career, it may also put your life and the lives of those you love in jeopardy. At the Cutler Law Office, our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients with DUI charges and protecting their rights.

To find the best Bingham County DUI lawyer for your case, review the detailed law firm profiles you see below. The profiles include information like the attorney’s education and training, their practice area, client recommendations, and more. When you’re ready to talk to an attorney about your specific case, simply call or contact them using the form on their profile. They will be happy to help you determine whether they are the right fit for your case. You can even schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and see how they would approach it.

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